Indigo Adults Book Review: Eufeeling
indigo adults book review eufeeling kinslow

Eufeeling and Quantum Entrainment (Kinslow’s method of getting to Eufeeling) has no effort connected to it. Only observation and delightful interest in where the mind is going. A great way for indigo adults to center themselves.

Indigo Adults and Weird Weather

Listening to the podcast about chemtrails and weather only inspired me more to focus on acting in a loving way toward mother earth, and sending energy to her that reflects that.

Indigo Adults Book Review: Slow Sex

It seems that indigo adults and individuals who are naturally sensitive to energy can use the book Slow Sex as a tool to help non-indigos / Muggles to become aware of energy and connect on that level.

Indigo Adults Book Review: Being You, Changing The World

Overall, Being You Changing the World is a good foundation for further reading with the 2014 Indigo Adults Book Club.

Indigo Adults: Untangling From Facebook Energetically
indigo adults say no to facebook

Facebook from the perspective of looking at an individual (indigo adult or not) as a whole energetic being with social attachments and how those attachments are funneled through Facebook (and their messed up Terms) before reaching physical reality.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2014 Indigo Adults Book Group

January’s Book: Being You, Changing The World by Dr. Dain Heer.

Indigo Adults, Resolutions and A New Year

But when I am standing in S**T up to my waist and know know it’s rising, and I also become aware that I desire a different, more supportive earthly experience and that it is time to start being more diligent about my inner work again.

Happy Solstice, Christmas, Yule, Etc!!!

One year ago people were freaking out about 2012 and the end of the world as we know it (which…

Boom. Transformation. Boom.

So every time I prepare to write and have my list of one or several posts I want to create, there is then a sudden shift in my world and my spiritual eyes have to reorient themselves. Once they do, I realize I am in a completely different place.

Do Indigo Adults Make Good Actors?
indigo adults psychic mind of actor channeling

The spiritual side to acting has always been quite clear to me.

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