Announcement: The Indigo Adults Updates and Announcements
the indigo adults

While I will still have posts about the energetic element to being an indigo adult, the focus of The Indigo Adults will be more on the real ways to focus our abilities and interests (see the Category “DO Good”), and well as ways to become healthier and more clear on all levels (see the Category “FEEL Good”).

The Contractions of Birthing Oneself: Experiencing The Buddha Relics for the Second Time

I spent the weekend of the transformational blood moon in Ontario, attending an event called The Buddha Relics, which I had first attended in Sedona five years ago.

More September Soul Shifts Toward Self-Love and Heart Chakra Opening

I am curious to know how others are doing with the shifting times? Is your heart chakra going through an opening? Is your being calling for more nurturing and self-love?

Call Me Indigo – A Transformation Story from Wave-X Energy

I might not be there fully yet (which is why only the magical people – the indigos, the permaculturists, etc know my transformation right now) but I’m happy to say, there’s no going back.

Money vs. Abundance
indigo leslie abundance copyright

I am actually (and surprisingly) abundant. It comes easily to me when in alignment with health and wellness of myself, Earth & communities everywhere.

Is Permaculture the Solution to the Water Crisis?
geoff lawton permaculture

Geoff Lawton’s website about Permaculture gardening, Bill Mollison’s books and methods that produce food, support soil heath and natural Earth Cycles.

Recommended Documentary for Indigo Adults: Blue Gold : World Water Wars
Blue Gold : World Water Wars

Recommended Documentary for Indigo Adults: Blue Gold : World Water Wars, about water and the desertification of our planet.

Recommended Book for Indigo Adults: Earthing
Book Earthing

Recommended Book for Indigo Adults: Earthing. This book explains why you will feel better after leaning against a tree for a while…

Get Into Nature

In my last post I said that there would be a lot more posts that are actionable.


Global Peace Meditation Tomorrow

Join the Global Meditation for Peace tomorrow 8.8.14 * 9am Los Angeles, 12pm New York, 5pm London, 7pm Jerusalem, 2am…

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