Make a New Year’s Habit Not a New Year’s Resolution for 2017

If you substitute the word “new habit” for “resolution” you will have a year of positive change in a way that is doable and sustainable.

What will you think on December 30, 2017?

What will you think on December 30th, 2017?

After the election: Indigo Adults Creating Change


Go be the change you want to see in the world.” It is the only way it is going to get done. The government will follow once we get it started, but it requires a certain level of leadership and I am asking that of you.

Self-Mastery Webinar with Carolyn Eberle – Focus on Indigo Adults

I recently discovered a great program called Secret Code by Carolyn Eberle at Mind Energy Body. She has been studying energy work and energy healing for decades, including studying at […]

The Revolution Within – Connecting With Happy Future World Energy

Since this site is about the energetic reality of things, and the indigo adults roll within that framework, I will frame the current election thusly.

indigo leslie abundance copyright

Money vs. Abundance

I am actually (and surprisingly) abundant. It comes easily to me when in alignment with health and wellness of myself, Earth & communities everywhere.

geoff lawton permaculture

Is Permaculture the Solution to the Water Crisis?

Geoff Lawton’s website about Permaculture gardening, Bill Mollison’s books and methods that produce food, support soil heath and natural Earth Cycles.

Blue Gold : World Water Wars

Recommended Documentary for Indigo Adults: Blue Gold : World Water Wars

Recommended Documentary for Indigo Adults: Blue Gold : World Water Wars, about water and the desertification of our planet.

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