Projecting future energy Indigo adults

Projecting Energy Into The Short Term Future

there are preparations I can take to ensure that my experience is as good as it can be in potentially dangerous or energetically overwhelming situations such as political rallies


WOOT! WOOT! I found The Indigo Adults Website Comments! *** BIG SMILE ***

WOOT! WOOT! I found The Indigo Adults Website Comments! *** BIG SMILE ***

Coming out of the Indigo Adult Closet

And, quite frankly, it feels kind of weird to have a giant blog CALLED “The Indigo Adults”… which has been up for over two years now… and is a big part of my life, but that is a secret part of my life.

Indigo Adults and Powerful Personal Vibration: An Exercise

I realized in this process that by doing this exercise my vibration – the one that I was deliberately creating through the goals exercises – were stronger than the vibrations of family, who I was before I started focusing on these goals, my own habitual tendencies to move into my old vibration (like turning around at the first sign of overwhelm and stress), etc…

More about Indigo Adults and Secrecy: A personal story

One year ago this month I broke up with my best friend.

Throughout those 25 years of friendship, I had confided in her almost every step of the way, naively believing that I could trust her and that she was a supportive confidant.

Indigo Adults and the Effect of Groups (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about the upside of the collective group in a project, indigo adults and how they are effected and masterminds. Today I will tell you what happens […]

Indigo Adults and the Effect of Groups (Part 1)

The nice thing about this, is that by tapping this universal knowledge, you start to own the knowledge, and then can pass it on to others because you carry it with you.

Indigo Adults and Octarine Transition

Octarine Transition:
So do your best not do despair. There will be a time when you will be needed and you will be able to see clearly when others are needing your guidance.

A Massage and Natural Healing Site for Indigo Adults

This site was the precursor to The Indigo Adults blog and it has lots of information about energy and empathy and natural healing.

“I don’t need to know because I KNOW”

But if we choose to do our best to stay in a space of peace and focus on things that we love and appreciate, we will be able to make the best choices for ourself and others when the time comes to make choices.

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