Clearing Clutter for a Clear Life – 365 Days of Mini-Transformations

I am still in the first 30 days of the course. I signed up for it because of the low financial and time investment and didn’t really think I would get much out of it or enjoy it much, but I have found the opposite to be true.

the-chakras-The Indigo Adults

When The Status Quo Attacks

This morning I got up from one of my best meditations in a long while. I was ready to conquer the world… or at least finish everything on my to-do […]

Self-Mastery Webinar with Carolyn Eberle – Focus on Indigo Adults

I recently discovered a great program called Secret Code by Carolyn Eberle at Mind Energy Body. She has been studying energy work and energy healing for decades, including studying at […]

the indigo adults floatation mediation documentary

Float Nation: A Documentary for Indigo Adult who Want to Try Floating Meditation

Here’s a great documentary about floating in Deprivation Tanks called Float Nation. I have been doing a lot of floating in flotation tanks lately and it feels GREAT, both long term and […]

meditation conference indigo adults invite

Meditation Conference in Newark, New Jersey Tomorrow!

I just found out about a Meditation Conference organized by The Heartfulness Institute and I wanted to let you know! It is in Newark, New Jersey and the doors open […]

The Revolution Within – Connecting With Happy Future World Energy

Since this site is about the energetic reality of things, and the indigo adults roll within that framework, I will frame the current election thusly.

Energetic Assistance in Vermont

Picking Rhubarb in Vermont: The Energetic Assistance That Got Me Free

Picking Rhubarb in Vermont: The Energetic Assistance That Got Me Free

The Contractions of Birthing Oneself: Experiencing The Buddha Relics for the Second Time

I spent the weekend of the transformational blood moon in Ontario, attending an event called The Buddha Relics, which I had first attended in Sedona five years ago.


More September Soul Shifts Toward Self-Love and Heart Chakra Opening

I am curious to know how others are doing with the shifting times? Is your heart chakra going through an opening? Is your being calling for more nurturing and self-love?

Call Me Indigo – A Transformation Story from Wave-X Energy

I might not be there fully yet (which is why only the magical people – the indigos, the permaculturists, etc know my transformation right now) but I’m happy to say, there’s no going back.

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