Quantum Intention to Help Extinguish the Slide Rock Fire in Sedona / Flagstaff

Consciousness effects matter. Use that awareness to help put out the Slide Rock Fire in Arizona.

Should Politicians Go to Sedona?

I was recently forwarded a video of a public conversation between Joe Biden and John McCain at the Sedona Summit. Perhaps all debates should be held in that magical town. 🙂

An Indigo Adult’s experience: My time in Sedona, Arizona (part 2)

My advice to Indigo Adults: I do not recommend moving to Sedona, AZ and if you try to move there and you are not meant to be there, ‘she’ WILL spit you out (after a year, I’m glad she spit me out, though I did question my spiritual/energetic purity when it happened). But DO visit. I think that would be the most beneficial and pleasant for you. Do your inner work there and enjoy it and then come back up to planet earth with the rest of us and get stuff done.

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