indigo adults say no to facebook

Indigo Adults: Untangling From Facebook Energetically

Facebook from the perspective of looking at an individual (indigo adult or not) as a whole energetic being with social attachments and how those attachments are funneled through Facebook (and their messed up Terms) before reaching physical reality.

Should Politicians Go to Sedona?

I was recently forwarded a video of a public conversation between Joe Biden and John McCain at the Sedona Summit. Perhaps all debates should be held in that magical town. 🙂

Do Indigo Adults change other people’s ability to manifest?

I sometimes think that it is because indigo adults, psychics and empaths can feel the non-physical world that they keep their energy field as clean as possible.

2 Effective Energy Clearing Exercises to help Indigo Adults During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can throw sensitive indigo adults into places and situations that they would not take themselves under normal circumstances. For that reason, it is particularly important to be diligent about clearing one’s energy during this season.

Indigo Adults and Sexual Relationships – Part 2

Are there any indigo adults… specifically EMAPTHIC indigo adults… that are in romantic relationships that are working? Can you share your secrets to keeping your energy clear? I know this would help me and I’m sure this would help other indigo adults as well.

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