The Ebb and Flow of Writing for The Indigo Adults

The one down side is that walking in this world with my indigo adult abilities turned off has made it more challenging to write for The Indigo Adults site.

But I’m doing my best, so please be patient with me if I take a little longer to construct my posts than I have in the past.

All things ebb and flow, and I’m am currently ebbing. 🙂

Indigo Adults and Raising the Energy in the Mid-West

it did occur to me that I was here to pray and to calm the volatility, which my energy seems to do. Perhaps I was here to ride the bus and subways and clear the energy in public places. It even coincides with a lot of the posts I have made over the last few weeks.

Indigo Adults, Amma, and Health Freedom Expo

If there is an aspect to the indigo that is warrior, it truly is peaceful warrior… being able to stand in the S**T as best as possible and still connect with one’s inner peace and express that outwardly. It’s also standing up fearlessly to the injustice that we see. It’s also holding on to our joy as best we can while dealing with all of this stuff.

Indigo Adults and Energy Clearing for Subways Platforms

I feel that if enough people did this on and it was practiced on a daily basis, it would have this great impact on the entire collective, especially over the long run.

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