Money Energy Clearing Blessing Indigo adults

Money Energy: Clearing and Blessing

When it comes to money energy, it is beneficial to clear and bless that which comes to you and that which you send out, as well as the entire money energy collective.

Indigo Adults, Transition and Too Many Choices

And that block is the block of indecision because I have TOO MANY WONDERFUL CHOICES!

Indigo Adults and the Effect of Groups (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about the upside of the collective group in a project, indigo adults and how they are effected and masterminds. Today I will tell you what happens […]

Indigo Adults and the Effect of Groups (Part 1)

The nice thing about this, is that by tapping this universal knowledge, you start to own the knowledge, and then can pass it on to others because you carry it with you.

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