Two World Split Video

The Two World Split and Rainbow Bridge: A Video for Indigo Adults

You should also watch the video because it talks about the roll of StarSeeds and Indigos in the shift to a two world split and also includes some energy alignments and activations which in my energy body felt quite nice.

Earth Changes and Law of Attraction

Earth Changes, Global Stabilization and The Law of Attraction

Many of the successful political and social movements then step into love and the intention of manifesting a positive reality (even if not consciously using the Law of Attraction) and that ends up being the focus.

12/21/12 and #26acts: Mother Earth’s Transformation Reflected in Her People

How is mother earth’s transformation being reflected in the beings that inhabit her?

Indigo Adults: 2012 Earth Transition Videos from Judy Satori

This video was shared with me as an easy energy clearing to prepare for the earth transition by permanently shaking off all of the heavy energies we are carrying around.

Indigo Adults: Quiet for you, too?

unless you are headed to a Mayan temple, you might want to peek at your local free spiritual magazine (in the U.S. they are a monthly “news” paper and usually can be found in bookstore entrances and public places like that) to find cool events celebrating the new earth

2012 Signs or Are Movies Planetary Dreamboards?

Blockbuster movies are giant dreamboards for the consciousness of the collective planetary population, are are powered as dreamboards by the number of people that see the movie. Don’t support such manifestings with your wallets and your attention.

Thoughts About Hurricane Sandy

So maybe this is just mother earth’s way of washing herself off. Maybe she is asking us to change, and her asking is much more assertive than her polite demeanor during the first hundred years the human race abused her. Now she’s saying, “Hey… If you push me and disrespect me, I’ll push you back.”

How are Indigo Adults Feeling This Week?

Any other indigo adults notice anything like what I described? Strong exhaustion? Headaches? If nothing then that’s great. Hopefully you are in that space you can help the rest of us ground, center, and feel better.

Solar Flare and Earthquake Watch for August 2012

Solar Flare and Earthquake Watch for August 2012

Indigo Adults and Psychic Visions

This splitting in two will perhaps look more like what happened at the spa with my friend, or what happened to my friend’s friends when they came to the city. Rather than the earth physical splitting in two the 3rd dimensional group will simply cease to exist in the 5th dimensional group’s world, and vice versa.

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