Access Consciousness = Soul Retrieval?

Access Consciousness gives me these questions which I now ask myself as I walk my dog past places I used to walk when I was 10 years old. It is impossible for it not to evoke memories and thoughts from my childhood while at the same time asking the questions and giving me the clearing statements to help me to shift into non-judgement about all the things that happened in this town.

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My First Access Bars Session (Week 1)

I had my first session this past Monday and would like to tell you the results so far. This also helps me to document my progress to see if it is actually an effective technique.

Indigo Adults and Access Awareness (video)

This video is about a healing modality called Access Awareness and is an interview with Dr. Dain Heer

2 Effective Energy Clearing Exercises to help Indigo Adults During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can throw sensitive indigo adults into places and situations that they would not take themselves under normal circumstances. For that reason, it is particularly important to be diligent about clearing one’s energy during this season.

Is it OK to clear other people’s energy fields?

Is it OK to clear other people’s energy without verbally asking (outloud)? And if so, or if not, under what circumstances?

Indigo Adults and Raising the Energy in the Mid-West

it did occur to me that I was here to pray and to calm the volatility, which my energy seems to do. Perhaps I was here to ride the bus and subways and clear the energy in public places. It even coincides with a lot of the posts I have made over the last few weeks.

Indigo Adults and Energy Clearing for Subways Platforms

I feel that if enough people did this on and it was practiced on a daily basis, it would have this great impact on the entire collective, especially over the long run.

Indigo Adults, Clothing and Physical/Energetic Object Attachment

Last week I reorganized my closet to bring out my winter clothes.

This is the first time I am doing this in several years because I have not lived in a cold climate in over a decade (well, Flagstaff was cold but I didn’t think it would be so I didn’t bring warm clothes to reorganize).

Horcruxes and Happy Endings: Clearing Our Energetic History

And it’s important because if we can do this on a micro level… within ourselves and our own lives… maybe we can do this on a macro level… between nations and religions. Which I feel is in line with my mission as an indigo adult.

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