Breathe Prana Heart-Centered Life Force Energy Healing

Breathing Prana to Sustain the Body

My thoughts moved to people who did not eat because they fueled their body using a special method to pull prana (life force energy) from the air.

Self-Mastery Webinar with Carolyn Eberle – Focus on Indigo Adults

I recently discovered a great program called Secret Code by Carolyn Eberle at Mind Energy Body. She has been studying energy work and energy healing for decades, including studying at […]

Late Indigo Adults Posting – Computer Repellent!

It’s not that I’m physically uncomfortable at the computer; just that I have been more drawn to being active in the physical plane

Energy Healing Video For Indigo Adults

It seems like a lot of the comments I have received from indigo adults have been passionate requests on how to help the planet.

This meditation/energy healing exercise is a perfect way to balance within in order to balance the outside world.

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