Flu Shot or Carbon Steel – An Edgar Cayce Approach to Staying Well

I’m digging the Cayce Coin and I think it could help a lot of indigo adults in two ways. The first is that it will help people who have trouble grounding and don’t always want to be “on” with their abilities but can’t seem to turn them off (that’s me), but also it will help the general population by perhaps protecting individuals from illness on an energetic level.

Phyillis Light’s Indoor Rejuvenizers and Circuit Rejuvenizer Clear an Old House

In fact, I have caught myself thinking, “And all this time I thought it was me”. I thought that because I am charged differently as an indigo, I was churning up the status-quo low-vibration that has been here for a century. I’m very glad to learn that that is not the case and that it was something outside of me.

Indigo Adults and the Influence of Energy on Politics

The indigo adult readers in the United States have an presidential election coming up. During the 6 months that lead up to the election, I deliberately shield myself from the […]

Video Venesday on the Indigo Adults :-)

good video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLOPwk8_TGw

Defining “Raising The Energy”

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that raising the energy in the midwest really relates to the energetic/vibrational aspect of life being acknowledged as real, as it has been on the East and West Coasts.

Indigo Adults Experiment in Joy! PART 2

A few weeks ago I proposed an experiment in Joy. Here is the Full Blog Post. Here were my results… I found that two things happened. One was that by […]

An Indigo Adult’s experience with the Affirmation Enhancer Tool

For the next week I felt like I was filled with light and that this light was just beaming out of my eyes. It’s hard to describe. Like I didn’t have eyes… just two holes where people could peer inside me and see the blinding light contained within me. Very weird but very cool. I would highly recommend this tool for all empaths, psychic minds and indigo adults.

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