Losing More Than My Facebook Profile

if Facebook deletes or blocks half of my reality/existence online, I feel it as a part of me being lost. And certainly experiencing it as part of my contacts and influence being lost.

Energetic Assistance in Vermont

Picking Rhubarb in Vermont: The Energetic Assistance That Got Me Free

Picking Rhubarb in Vermont: The Energetic Assistance That Got Me Free

Book Earthing theindigoadults.com

Recommended Book for Indigo Adults: Earthing

Recommended Book for Indigo Adults: Earthing. This book explains why you will feel better after leaning against a tree for a while…

new age online access bars access consciousness

My First Access Bars Session (Week 1)

I had my first session this past Monday and would like to tell you the results so far. This also helps me to document my progress to see if it is actually an effective technique.

Anita Moorjani’s Lecture on Near Death Experiences

The video is really long, but I feel that by watching it, I healed a part of myself in relation to my father’s death. She explains things very well. It’s worth taking the time to learn from her.

Flu Shot or Carbon Steel – An Edgar Cayce Approach to Staying Well

I’m digging the Cayce Coin and I think it could help a lot of indigo adults in two ways. The first is that it will help people who have trouble grounding and don’t always want to be “on” with their abilities but can’t seem to turn them off (that’s me), but also it will help the general population by perhaps protecting individuals from illness on an energetic level.

12/21/12 and #26acts: Mother Earth’s Transformation Reflected in Her People

How is mother earth’s transformation being reflected in the beings that inhabit her?

Is it OK to clear other people’s energy fields?

Is it OK to clear other people’s energy without verbally asking (outloud)? And if so, or if not, under what circumstances?

Indigo Adults, Manifestation and Spiritual Abundance

And when I did get signs that I should leave, the power of the manifestation (by writing it daily) was stronger than my power to change things in the present, once I had seen and felt that it was a manifestation I didn’t want. I set it in stone by writing it every day and therefore could not change it.

Video Venesday on the Indigo Adults :-)

good video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLOPwk8_TGw

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