Two World Split Video

The Two World Split and Rainbow Bridge: A Video for Indigo Adults

You should also watch the video because it talks about the roll of StarSeeds and Indigos in the shift to a two world split and also includes some energy alignments and activations which in my energy body felt quite nice.

indigo adults special snowflakes

Indigo Adults are Special Snowflakes (and so is everyone else)

I felt compelled to write this post because lately I have been reading a lot of comments on YouTube videos lately about indigo adults and indigo children.

Self-Mastery Webinar with Carolyn Eberle – Focus on Indigo Adults

I recently discovered a great program called Secret Code by Carolyn Eberle at Mind Energy Body. She has been studying energy work and energy healing for decades, including studying at […]


Indigo Adults, Resolutions and A New Year

But when I am standing in S**T up to my waist and know know it’s rising, and I also become aware that I desire a different, more supportive earthly experience and that it is time to start being more diligent about my inner work again.

Creating a Deeper Connection with Other Indigo Adults

I keep hearing that there is a yearning from indigo adults and others that are enjoying the contents of to go deeper with the information and with connecting to others on the indigo path.

Indigo Adults and Octarine Transition

Octarine Transition:
So do your best not do despair. There will be a time when you will be needed and you will be able to see clearly when others are needing your guidance.

Indigo Adult Geneology

I also have a theory that this gene shift could be that 3 generations of polluted individuals living since the beginning of the industrial age are having children with weakened the connection to the planet through a weakened physical system (from the pollution) but have compensated by having a higher ability and connection to the non-physical/energetic. (aka indigo adults)

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