indigo adults special snowflakes

Indigo Adults are Special Snowflakes (and so is everyone else)

I felt compelled to write this post because lately I have been reading a lot of comments on YouTube videos lately about indigo adults and indigo children.

Self-Mastery Webinar with Carolyn Eberle – Focus on Indigo Adults

I recently discovered a great program called Secret Code by Carolyn Eberle at Mind Energy Body. She has been studying energy work and energy healing for decades, including studying at […]

Indigo Adult Geneology

I also have a theory that this gene shift could be that 3 generations of polluted individuals living since the beginning of the industrial age are having children with weakened the connection to the planet through a weakened physical system (from the pollution) but have compensated by having a higher ability and connection to the non-physical/energetic. (aka indigo adults)

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