Earth Changes and Law of Attraction

Earth Changes, Global Stabilization and The Law of Attraction

Many of the successful political and social movements then step into love and the intention of manifesting a positive reality (even if not consciously using the Law of Attraction) and that ends up being the focus.

Projecting future energy Indigo adults

Projecting Energy Into The Short Term Future

there are preparations I can take to ensure that my experience is as good as it can be in potentially dangerous or energetically overwhelming situations such as political rallies

Indigo Adults, Transition and Too Many Choices

And that block is the block of indecision because I have TOO MANY WONDERFUL CHOICES!


Indigo Adults and Shifting the Collective to LOVE

Why couldn’t that work with the Hitlers of the world? Clearly, we wouldn’t be loving the deeds of the oppressor, but the soul of the oppressor. The soul that is deeper than the evil of this world.

Indigo Adults and an Experiment in Joy!

A few months ago a friend let me borrow Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish Is Your Command and I must say that I was drawn into the notes. I know, I […]


Indigo Adults and Manifesting Holiday Gifts

My point is that this was a microcosm example/practice of the manifestation process that I attempt to use in my day to day life. Granted, it is a bit more challenging for life “stuff” because with life stuff there are emotions, attachment, doubts and hopes that tangle up the very clean experience of manifestation.

Road Trips: An Indigo Adult Tool for Creation

This thing we call synchronicity? Is it this magical force of the universe propelling our visions toward us?

Indigo Adults and Powerful Personal Vibration: An Exercise

I realized in this process that by doing this exercise my vibration – the one that I was deliberately creating through the goals exercises – were stronger than the vibrations of family, who I was before I started focusing on these goals, my own habitual tendencies to move into my old vibration (like turning around at the first sign of overwhelm and stress), etc…

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