Indigo Adults, Manifestation and Spiritual Abundance

And when I did get signs that I should leave, the power of the manifestation (by writing it daily) was stronger than my power to change things in the present, once I had seen and felt that it was a manifestation I didn’t want. I set it in stone by writing it every day and therefore could not change it.

Indigo Adults and an Experiment in Joy!

A few months ago a friend let me borrow Kevin Trudeau’s Your Wish Is Your Command and I must say that I was drawn into the notes. I know, I […]


Indigo Adults and Manifesting Holiday Gifts

My point is that this was a microcosm example/practice of the manifestation process that I attempt to use in my day to day life. Granted, it is a bit more challenging for life “stuff” because with life stuff there are emotions, attachment, doubts and hopes that tangle up the very clean experience of manifestation.

Road Trips: An Indigo Adult Tool for Creation

This thing we call synchronicity? Is it this magical force of the universe propelling our visions toward us?

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