Indigo Adults, Resolutions and A New Year

But when I am standing in S**T up to my waist and know know it’s rising, and I also become aware that I desire a different, more supportive earthly experience and that it is time to start being more diligent about my inner work again.

Indigo Adults and Feng Shui – Using the Diamond Hexagram System

I know those physical symptoms usually are often a positive indication of healing, especially after I have shifted something so huge energetically, like changing the entire feng shui of the house that has been part of my life for over 20 years.

Diamond Quantum Colors Helps This Indigo Adult WIth Feng Shui

I added elements from the Diamond Quantum Colors course 6 days ago to my bedroom and my office, and I must say that the energetic shift is palpable.

The Lesson of Portkeys in Harry Potter Helps Indigo Adults

Portkeys are anything that takes our energy to another place and/or time. I used a book as a type of portkey to move to Los Angeles, as well as to take a glorious trip to England in my late teens.

Energy Healing Video For Indigo Adults

It seems like a lot of the comments I have received from indigo adults have been passionate requests on how to help the planet.

This meditation/energy healing exercise is a perfect way to balance within in order to balance the outside world.

Indigo Adults: 2012 Earth Transition Videos from Judy Satori

This video was shared with me as an easy energy clearing to prepare for the earth transition by permanently shaking off all of the heavy energies we are carrying around.

2 Effective Energy Clearing Exercises to help Indigo Adults During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can throw sensitive indigo adults into places and situations that they would not take themselves under normal circumstances. For that reason, it is particularly important to be diligent about clearing one’s energy during this season.

Indigo Adults and the Illusionary World of Maya

I was riding the bus going past Lincoln Park and I saw an odd looking, rather large man in a green t-shirt sitting on the ground on a small blanket. […]

Indigo Adults Experiment in Joy! PART 2

A few weeks ago I proposed an experiment in Joy. Here is the Full Blog Post. Here were my results… I found that two things happened. One was that by […]

Indigo Adults Create a Healing Energy Space for Change

That is our job as lightworkers/healers/indigo adults. We hold energetic space for others to come to resolution with their desires in a more gentle and joyful and peaceful way through understanding energy and using that understanding to shift people, places and events to a more heart-centered and healing space.

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