Projecting future energy Indigo adults

Projecting Energy Into The Short Term Future

there are preparations I can take to ensure that my experience is as good as it can be in potentially dangerous or energetically overwhelming situations such as political rallies

My Experience of the First Indigo Adult Meditation

If you want to know why I created this event, please read the last chapter of Eufeeling by Frank Kinslow.

An Invitation to Meditate in Euefeeling for Indigo Adults

if a portion of a population are in an elevated state through meditation, the square root of that population will have an effect on the total population, as is determined by the N-Squared Effect.

12/21/12 and #26acts: Mother Earth’s Transformation Reflected in Her People

How is mother earth’s transformation being reflected in the beings that inhabit her?

How to Sit with a Guru: To All My Relations

It took me a while to ground myself after last week’s healing with Amma, but once I did, I have to say that my drive home felt like a fresh rain that had just fallen and cleaned the air.


Indigo Adults and Shifting the Collective to LOVE

Why couldn’t that work with the Hitlers of the world? Clearly, we wouldn’t be loving the deeds of the oppressor, but the soul of the oppressor. The soul that is deeper than the evil of this world.

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