Two World Split Video

The Two World Split and Rainbow Bridge: A Video for Indigo Adults

You should also watch the video because it talks about the roll of StarSeeds and Indigos in the shift to a two world split and also includes some energy alignments and activations which in my energy body felt quite nice.


Are you part of someone else’s manifestation?

You can shift the energy and do your best to disengage from the other person’s energy of manifestation.

indigo adults psychic mind of actor channeling

Do Indigo Adults Make Good Actors?

The spiritual side to acting has always been quite clear to me.

indigo adults learning from theatrical drama psychic mind

Indigo Adult Lessons From the Theatrical Stage

Sure this was ‘only’ a play, but what great lessons for real life for indigo adults that have similar abilities!

Access Consciousness = Soul Retrieval?

Access Consciousness gives me these questions which I now ask myself as I walk my dog past places I used to walk when I was 10 years old. It is impossible for it not to evoke memories and thoughts from my childhood while at the same time asking the questions and giving me the clearing statements to help me to shift into non-judgement about all the things that happened in this town.

new age online access bars access consciousness

My First Access Bars Session (Week 1)

I had my first session this past Monday and would like to tell you the results so far. This also helps me to document my progress to see if it is actually an effective technique.

Indigo Adults and Access Awareness (video)

This video is about a healing modality called Access Awareness and is an interview with Dr. Dain Heer

Energy Healing Video For Indigo Adults

It seems like a lot of the comments I have received from indigo adults have been passionate requests on how to help the planet.

This meditation/energy healing exercise is a perfect way to balance within in order to balance the outside world.

Indigo Adults: 2012 Earth Transition Videos from Judy Satori

This video was shared with me as an easy energy clearing to prepare for the earth transition by permanently shaking off all of the heavy energies we are carrying around.

Phyillis Light’s Indoor Rejuvenizers and Circuit Rejuvenizer Clear an Old House

In fact, I have caught myself thinking, “And all this time I thought it was me”. I thought that because I am charged differently as an indigo, I was churning up the status-quo low-vibration that has been here for a century. I’m very glad to learn that that is not the case and that it was something outside of me.

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