Are you part of someone else’s manifestation?

You can shift the energy and do your best to disengage from the other person’s energy of manifestation.

the-chakras-The Indigo Adults

When The Status Quo Attacks

This morning I got up from one of my best meditations in a long while. I was ready to conquer the world… or at least finish everything on my to-do […]

Indigo Adults Book Review: Slow Sex

It seems that indigo adults and individuals who are naturally sensitive to energy can use the book Slow Sex as a tool to help non-indigos / Muggles to become aware of energy and connect on that level.

Indigo Adults and Sexual Relationships – Part 2

Are there any indigo adults… specifically EMAPTHIC indigo adults… that are in romantic relationships that are working? Can you share your secrets to keeping your energy clear? I know this would help me and I’m sure this would help other indigo adults as well.

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