Two World Split Video

The Two World Split and Rainbow Bridge: A Video for Indigo Adults

You should also watch the video because it talks about the roll of StarSeeds and Indigos in the shift to a two world split and also includes some energy alignments and activations which in my energy body felt quite nice.

Late Indigo Adults Posting – Computer Repellent!

It’s not that I’m physically uncomfortable at the computer; just that I have been more drawn to being active in the physical plane

Indigo Adults: 2012 Earth Transition Videos from Judy Satori

This video was shared with me as an easy energy clearing to prepare for the earth transition by permanently shaking off all of the heavy energies we are carrying around.

Video Vednesday: Some Answers About the Upcoming Ascension Process

I found great comfort in this video’s theory on the upcoming ascension process.

Indigo Adult Geneology

I also have a theory that this gene shift could be that 3 generations of polluted individuals living since the beginning of the industrial age are having children with weakened the connection to the planet through a weakened physical system (from the pollution) but have compensated by having a higher ability and connection to the non-physical/energetic. (aka indigo adults)

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