I did not write much this year

I did not write much this year… The Year of Disillusionment

I did not write much this year, and I do not regret that. In retrospect, this year was tulmultuous for a number of reasons, both personal and on a global […]

The Lesson of Portkeys in Harry Potter Helps Indigo Adults

Portkeys are anything that takes our energy to another place and/or time. I used a book as a type of portkey to move to Los Angeles, as well as to take a glorious trip to England in my late teens.

The Ebb and Flow of Writing for The Indigo Adults

The one down side is that walking in this world with my indigo adult abilities turned off has made it more challenging to write for The Indigo Adults site.

But I’m doing my best, so please be patient with me if I take a little longer to construct my posts than I have in the past.

All things ebb and flow, and I’m am currently ebbing. 🙂

indigo adults channelling writing

Am I Channelling My Posts If I Write Them Ahead of Time?

I got into a conversation with XdavidRananda Spears on Facebook a while a go and he said that he thought that a lot of the posts I created were channeled in relation to what the collective indigo adults that reads www.theindigoadults.com needs to read the most at the moment.

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